Many firms have a common problem: multiple data stores within the organization.  This problem leads to inconsistent and inaccurate data, plus a great deal of work keeping it up to date. By integrating with Time & Billing and other systems, ContactEase solves the problem of consistency. However, there is still the issue of getting the right data to the right application.  The New Client Intake Form addresses this problem.

When a new client signs up, their data is usually somewhere within the firm (someone’s Outlook contacts, mobile devices, etc.).  Often that data is inaccessible and may only be updated once the contact becomes a client. Furthermore, how and why they became a client is important information in order to focus future sales and marketing efforts, as well as to simply send a quick thank-you note to the referral source.

With the ContactEase New Client Intake Form, users enter the name and company data prompting an immediate duplicate check to see if someone in the firm has already entered this data into the system and, if so, populate it.  The system then prompts users to provide information on how this client was won and how to better serve them (and to find more like them). Finally, the data is sent to Time & Billing, conflicts, document management, CRM, and any other data store, in order to ensure that the new client data is consistent and up-to-date across the system.

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